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Does gender issues affect agric productivity:

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AXD 201

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Course Title: 
Introduction to Rural Sociology

This is a compulsory course for all part 2 students in the Faculty of Agriculture, taking during the Harmattan Semester.
Students learn the following:

  • ‘Spatial Use and Community development, the Rural/Urban Dichotomy from a gender-specific stand point’ will be replacing the already existing topic- ‘Rural/urban dichotomy’;
  • Gender perspective of the Historical development theories’ to replace ‘Theoretical models in Sociology’,;
  • ‘Conception of knowledge (scientific vs experienced knowledge, universal vs local knowledge from a Gender perspective’ to replace ‘ Scientific investigation in Rural Sociology’; and
  • ‘Implications of norms, values and symbolic meanings for men and women in rural society’ to replace ‘definition of basic concepts such as culture, social groups, etc’.
  • Gender mapping and rural-urban dichotomy